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Friday, 05 March 2010 14:33

FreeRange Permaculture is proud to be the QLD & WA Conveners of RegenAG®. For a complete list of this years course offerings, please·have a look at the national website www.RegenAG.com

2012 promises to be a HUGE year at RegenAG® with some of the best practitioners of regenerative agriculture in the world, heading your way. From Craig Sponholtz in April & then the incredible Mashumus Team from Mexico in May, it promises to be a transformative experience!

Most of our Regenerative Agriculture workshops areFarmReady making them up to 65% reimbursable for eligible farmers & land holders. Visit our FarmReady page for more details on how to apply.

2012 Courses:
Pasture Cropping April 3rd - Tolga
This course is FREE for Farmers.

Pasture cropping is a technique of sowing crops into living perennial (usually native) pastures and having these crops grow symbiotically with the existing pastures. Colin Seis and Daryl Cluff initiated this idea about 15 years ago and since that time Colin Seis has spent much of his time perfecting this technique. Colin discovered that it is possible to grow many different types of winter and summer growing crops, without destroying the perennial pasture base, while sequestering large amounts of carbon.

Applied Watershed Restoration April 11th - 13th - Dimbulah 

FarmReady Approved Course ID#  FRTC1104

Craig Spoonholtz is a world-leading expert in watershed restoration using techniques that harness natural hydrology to self-repair riparian zones and watersheds. Brought to the fore in Bill Zeedyk's manual 'Let the Water do the Work', these techniques use practical, natural materials and good design to repair and restore the most degraded gullies, creeks and floodplains back to their natural capacity as moisture-rich landscapes.

Biofertile Farms

It is with great excitement that we welcome Eugenio Gras back to Australia. For the last two years, Eugenio has delivered BioFertile Farms courses across eastern Australia, setting the scene for the uptake of farm-brewed biofertilizers in this country. Now Eugenio is back, with his collegues from MasHumus, and they're ready to share new and in-depth knowledge. Because Aussie farmers are ready for the next step in learning about how biofertility help regenerate farms and livelihoods...

RegenAG® Chromatography Intensive May 3rd - 5th - Mareeba QLD

Join the MasHumus Team of Eugenio Gras, Jairo Rivera, Nacho Zamora for this three-day intensive on Chromatography, an invaluable analysis technique to reveal qulity & vitality in soils, compost and biofertiliser. This hands-on workshop will equip you with the skills required, to do your own qualitative soil, compost, biofertiliser & crop tests, saving you thousands of dollars a year in testing and providing you a powerful tool for on farm soil & plant health management. >> More info...

RegenAG® BioFertiliser Intensive May 10th - 12th - Mareeba QLD

FarmReady Approved Course ID#··FRTC1101

Learn how a range of easy to make biofertilisers and mineral preparations can drastically increase your on-farm fertility and save you tens of thousands of dollars a year on inputs. This in-depth course focuses on practical techniques for making and applying a suite of biofertilizers that can be easily made on-farm using readily available materials. >> More info...

**FarmReady Approved Course - primary producers and their families may be eligible for a 65% reimbursement of course costs**

RegenAG® Microbe Reproduction Intensive QLD

FarmReady Approved Course ID#··FRTC1103

Through the pioneering work of Mashumus in Mexico, you'll learn the why and how of making your own microbial inputs out of easily available ingredients and how to apply them. This hands-on workshop will re-define the role that of-farm microbial reproduction can play on your property. >> More info...

**FarmReady Approved Course - primary producers and their families may be eligible for a 65% reimbursement of course costs**

BioFertile Farms Course May 23rd - 25th - Pemberton WA

FarmReady Approved Course ID#··FRTC00717

The original Biofertilizer course offered by RegenAG, so well recieved across QLD, NSW and VIC, is now coming at long last to WA...This workshop will cover the history of biofertilizers, different types of biofetilizer, creating beneficial soil biology, chromatography, nutrient retention, building soil structure, bio-remediation and many take-home biofertilizer recipes for you to use on your farm... >> More info...

**FarmReady Approved Course - primary producers and their families may be eligible for a 65% reimbursement of course costs**


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