Why Permaculture?

"What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet".

David Suzuki, world-renowned geneticist, academic and broadcaster 


Welcome to FreeRange Permaculture

Soaring Beyond Sustainability

At FreeRange Permaculture, we provide world class design & education services for both urban and rural landscapes. Our range of courses and workshops, in a variety of sustainable practices including Permaculture, Keyline Design and Compost & Compost Tea, aim to empower you with the skills and knowledge required to design and develop sustainable systems anywhere in the world.

We are also hosting the QLD leg of the 2010 Regenerative Agriculture Workshop Series, an amazing new initiative providing Australians with access to practical, essential knowledge with world-leaders in sustainable agriculture and local food systems.

From the balcony to the backyard our design services offer practicle and effective solutions to the challenges we all face in living a sustainable life. Our broadacre consultancy assists farmers in achieving economic prosperity whilst constantly improving their soil fertility.

Upcoming Courses

Permaculture Design Certificate - Cairns - June/July 2012

Postponed until further notice - Cairns • Far North Queensland

For information email  georgie@freerangepermaculture.com.au

Outdoor Classrooms

Join us at The Flexible Learning Centre, Cairns and take part in a very special two week Permaculture Design Certificate Course with the co-author of the principle book on Permaculture in Schools "Outdoor Classrooms", Janet Millington and FreeRange Permaculture's very own Kym Kruse.

Barron RiverA FreeRange Permaculture Design Certificate provides a solid foundation in Permaculture design and theory. Our PDC equips graduates with the skills
and knowledge required to design and implement permaculture principles in a variety of contexts; from urban permaculture systems to small farms,
suburban blocks and overseas aid projects. Our courses incorporate intensive theory and practice in all aspects of·Permaculture Design.


Student numbers for this PDC  will be strictly limited to 24 people to ensure effective learning outcomes for everyone.

"Permaculture is set of principles that result in sustainable and productive systems. Systems for living, architecture, food production, land management and community. No chemicals and no excuses. Just good, thoughtful, innovative and effective design for the needs of our species." 

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